Advertising Earns $$$’s!

Local Advertising is A Great Way to Earn $$$’s.  With The SignUp Hub, you can sell Banner Advertising on ALL YOUR OWN SignUps to local business, sponsors or families.

How Does It Work?

Step 1:  Purchase the $39/year ADVERTISING OPTION on the Registration Page.

Step 2:  Simply SELL OR PROMOTE ADVERTISING for a fixed fee of $25/ month to all your neighborhood storefronts, sponsors, friends and families.

Step 3:  YOUR customers PAY & UPLOAD A BUSINESS CARD AD direct to us and we load it onto your HUB.

Step 4:  Each month, your customer will get a REMINDER from us to continue their advertising and submit a new payment.  Customers pay monthly, it is not recurring!

Step 5:  At the end of every month, WE SEND YOU 75% of the total monies collected  we keep 25% ..just to cover our administrative costs!





It’s a Win-Win-Win!